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An Effective Solution for Defiant, Disrespectful Children

If you are constantly dealing with defiant and disrespectful children, this can make you feel frustrated. Sometimes, you may feel like giving up—that there’s nothing you can do or say that will turn around your children’s behavior. But don’t give up hope because there are effective ways of dealing with problem behavior and helping kids change how they treat others, especially adults. disrespectful children Difficult children can cause a tremendous amount of stress in the home. Kids who are difficult negatively influence younger siblings and can even destroy your marriage. If you have tried different strategies to get your kids to act appropriately and they have not made an impact, then it’s time to consult some outside resources before it is too late. After all, if you don’t stop this behavior now, will get worse with time.

There are many outside resources available. For instance, you can send defiant, disrespectful children to a counselor or therapist who will try to get to the root cause of the behavior and then help you to strengthen your relationship and build respect. The problem with this tactic is that some difficult children are not receptive to talking to a stranger, especially an adult who has obviously been hired by their parents.

You may have to drag your kid into therapy or he might refuse to go or refuse to talk at all during his sessions. Although therapy can be effective, it can take years to resolve some issues and the cost can add up quickly.

Parent Teen TroubledParenting ExpertParenting ToddlersParenting CounselorParenting Help

You can also try military school or teen boot camp, but most parents consider these drastic measures. Although you might have disrespectful children, they are not stupid. They will likely resent you for sending them away to have someone else deal with the situation, rather than you solving it yourself. Although they may learn respect for the authorities in charge at the bootcamp, this may not necessarily transfer to you and your spouse.

This is why I recommend an at-home behavioral program that has been designed specifically to turn around rebellious, disrespectful children. The program was designed by a therapist who has helped countless troubled kids and was once a troubled youth himself. This man knows from the inside out what it takes to transform the life of difficult children. He knows as a difficult kid and as a trained, highly respected therapist.

The program uses positive discipline tactics that are not punitive, but will make even the most difficult children want to behave themselves. These techniques are simple, yet sound and effective. As you learn how to treat your children so they will treat you better, you will also grow as well. Finally, disrespectful children and a chaotic home will become a distant memory.

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About the Author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise kids to lead productive and meaningful lives.

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