Disrespectful Child Attitude: What's a Single Mom to Do?

by Dani

I'm dealing with a child attitude problem and I need your help. I am a single mom and my husband only sees our eight year old son occasionally. Even though these visits are few and far between, as my son grows older, I notice that he is acting more and more like his dad. In other families, this might be a good thing, but in mine, it means I'm being treated poorly by my son.

Some of the child attitudes I have to deal with on a daily basis: disrespect, talking back, defiance and violent tantrums. I work hard and am tired by the time I pick up my son from his after school program. I want to spend time with him and I want us to connect, but it's difficult when I'm met with a bad attitude all the time.

For instance, if I tell him to clean up his room, he rolls his eyes and then ignores me until I threaten to take away his privileges. In the past year, I can't ever recall a time when I have asked for his help and he's pitched in without complaint.

After reading some of your articles, I know I need to get a handle on this disrespectful child attitude now, before my son becomes a teenager and is bigger and stronger than me. (I'm 5'2" and my ex husband is 6'5", so I know my son is going to be big.)

Can you recommend a solution other than therapy or counseling? I don't have insurance right now and just can't afford it.

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Jan 14, 2009
Bad Child Attitude
by: Laura Ramirez

You are absolutely right. You need to take care of your son's child attitude now, while he is young. The best resource I have to recommend to you is a child behavioral program that you can use in the privacy of your home. It was developed by a therapist who has used these techniques to turn around the behavior of countless children and teens.

The simple techniques that you will learn can be used immediately and will transform your child. I have reviewed the program and know it works and many of my subscribers have written to tell me that it is very effective. Best of all, you can get on a trial basis to make sure it will work for you. To find out more click on child attitude.

Good luck. Be sure to write in and tell us how the program works for you and your son.

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