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I am the mother of 2 children a 12 yr old girl and 11 yr old son. my story is my son that is more often than not very negative both to myself and my husband have very larger than life personalities and have been quiet aggressive in our career choices her is a local business owner and i my a correctional nurse, we make every effort to give our children most all of what they want and need, although my daughter seems to be adjusting well, my son is not so much so, hes extremely negative mainly with myself and is becoming more and more aggressive with his behavior he is a very large child for his age 5'9 and 240 in pounds and has realized that if he doesn't want to do something there is not much i can do to stop him. both myself and my husband come from very abusive homes, and i try very hard to not have them brought up the same way, i have tried all reasonable efforts of disciplined from taking his toys to spanking to screaming back even though i know its not the way to go, he has just recently began hitting his sister, and she is picking up the same actions towards him, and then today he got out of the car and told me to shut the f!@# up, in which is not acceptable in our home. he continuously tries to put myself down especially in public or in front of his father and has now begun to make up stories after doing some thing wrong just to place the attention on some one else, i am afraid that my relationship with him has damage beyond repair, this child is relatively a good person up until approx 3 yrs ago when i started working 40 plus hrs a week, and has now, gone from straight a in school with excelled classes to c and d he is not only rude to myself but to most others that he meets or he deals with, school children teacher grandparents and other family members he has stated on several occasions that he is smarter than most any one he come in contact with, and picks at the flaws of people that he meets and associates with, for an example i was telling my husband that i had accomplished cleaning out a shed he began with out anyone speaking to him, to make statements under his breath, like it about time you do some thing and then proceeds, to you a lazy and continues on to saying saying things like you have a big nose you sleep all day, although i don't expect him to understand what its like after working 40 hours in 2 days and a half only to come home sit at his and sisters school for hrs on end at track practice or football conditioning, just for the physical benefits for himself and his sister i am just trying to find out if this is normal behavior or if this could be some form ADHD OR Bipolar Disorder.

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May 22, 2012
Disrespectful Son
by: Laura Ramirez

Your son is disrespectful to you and it sounds like things are spiraling out of control. I know how frustrating and scary that can feel. Your son is just eleven now ... imagine what he's going to be like when he is older if you don't get a handle on this behavior now.

Since you and your husband both come from abusive homes and you don't want to pass on that dysfunction, I suggest that you get a child behavior program that will help you both learn how to lovingly, yet firmly set the limits and get back a sense of calm and order in your home. Here's my review of an excellent child behavior program that many parents are using successfully to turn around child behavior.

The trick is that you must commit to doing the program and learning the practices which will create changes in your behavior and thus, changes in your child. Do it for your sanity and for the mental health of your child. Make it something that you and your husband do together, so you can be on the same page when it comes to discipline and creating a happy, loving, respectful home life.

To find out more about this program, you can also call: 1-866-798-8629.

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