How to Discipline Kids: 5 Effective Tips

Discipline Kids ...

... parents make a lot of mistakes when it comes to teaching discpline. To teach your children to make good choices and have self-control, you must learn how to cultivate good behavior. Although some children are defiant or rebellious and require swift and concrete action to stop the bad behavior, the source of the problem for some kids is the parent's high expectations and lack of understanding of child development.

Below are some tips that will help put you on a happier, more peaceful path.

* Be Consistent - Discipline kids by following through. If you take a privilege away from your child for a certain length of time, don't give in to his appeals to shorten it. Children want and need clearly defined limits.

* Stand united with your spouse or partner. To discipline kids effectively in the home, parents must stick together. (Of course, the consequences must be agreed upon and must be appropriate to the situation.)

* When there is a conflict, take the time to sort things out. If your children have been fighting, but you have not been witness to the event, listen compassionately to each child's story, but refrain from taking sides. Instead, focus on helping them come to a resolution. For tips on how to resolve conflicts equitably, get a copy of Keepers of the Children

* To discipline kids effectively, make sure the consequences are appropriate and related to the event that created them. For instance, if your child screams and throws a toy, remove your child from the play area and talk to him, rather than taking away his television privileges for a week.

* If you find that you are ready to snarl or rant at your children, take a moment to regroup. Breathe in and out slowly. Think about something you love about your children and center yourself in that feeling before you respond. Discipline kids by teaching them a better way, rather than blaming or shaming them.

If your child seems to be developing behaviors that are disruptive and disrespectful of others, then I recommend you learn how to stop these behaviors now. It's much easier to teach a child how to develop self control, than it is to rein in a defiant, obnoxious teenager. You can learn how to stop the bad behavior with simple parenting techniques that help tame difficult kids.

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