death of a parent

My son and the mother of my grandchild had an on-and-off type relationship. Her family has always used some type of coercion on her. She never stood up to them. She always wanted to please them. In February of this year, she was in a car accident and lost her life. She had just given our grandson his first birthday party. However, being brought up in an environment of drinking, she was so drunk, she was 5 times the legal limit.

Her family is taking my son to court this week to try to take custody of his son (my grandson). When their daughter wasn't even 2 weeks in the ground, they wanted him to sign away his rights. Now they have an injunction until the court decides. I hope the court sees this as alienation of affection from us due to their insensitivity. Why am I the only one here with the child's best interest? I do not want social security, AFDC, child support or money for filing a wrongful death suit. That is the child's, not theirs. we are getting inside information stating all they want is to sue, sue, sue. Anyone who degrades either parent is not capable of seeing to this child's needs. He lost one parent, he does not need to lose another. They do not need to badmouth my son, for doing so they do not realize that they are disgracing this child's mother. After all, it was her choice to lie down with my son to create this child. For this child's sake, I hope the judge will hear things out. My son wants to be the father. He wants the responsibility. Now I call that being a man.

Act in the best interests of the child and raise your child to act from strength and integrity

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