Daughter pregnant with Bi-racial Child. Father not Supportive

by Jean
(Elkton )

My daughter is almost six weeks pregnant with a mixed race child. The father is African American, she is caucasian. She is 25 and this will be her first child and our first grandchild.

The father when he was told said that he would pay for the abortion. My daughter said no. Since then he has ignored her. This was a accidental pregnancy, the condom broke she said, it was not expected, but it is water under the bridge now.

I am still reeling from this, because I had not really wanted my grandchild to be mixed. But it is done now, and I want to be there to support my daughter. After all the baby is half hers and that is getting me through a lot right now. My husband is being supportive as well regardless.

We love our daughter and are proud of her for going thru having this baby and not an abortion. I know many people will not be accepting of my daughter's situation and the race. The father is pretty dark, so I imagine our grandbaby will be dark as well. It is just hard for me right now, you hope for one thing and then you get another.

Just could use some support from other families or grandparents of biracial grandchildren. I really want to be a good grandmother. Thank you so much.


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