Daughter is pregnant with a biracial child

by Jean Doyle
(Elkton, Md. )

My daughter just found out she was pregnant last week. It is with a bi-racial child. The father is African-American. He is younger than her, it was a fling I was told, but the condom broke, so therefore a child will be born. My daughter is white. But she has always preferred African-American men.

The father's first reaction was to pay for an abortion since he is still in a good college and does not want his parents to find out or else they may stop paying his tuition. So he is in a situation, but so is my daughter. She plans on having this baby. She is not sure she wants the father in the baby's life or not now.

She is only 4 1/2 weeks right now, and has already taken the initiative to get Health Insurance and has a doctor's appt plus an appt with WIC. She is very responsible. She lives with a friend that also has two bi-racial children in which she is the Godmother. She works plus is taking on-line courses to get her degree.

Of course, I wish my first grandchild would have been white, but I do not make the calls. I am concerned about how she will make out on her own, even though she does have a support system because we love her unconditionally. We wish her circumstances were different of course, but we move on the best we can. I am just in need of support because I am really worried about the father thing and basically raising it without the father. I know biracial children still do not have it easy, nor does the mother.

Just could use support and someone to talk to. Thank you.

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