Daughter Gets Jealous of Boyfriend

by Mellisa

My daughter turns 4 in September and I love her dearly. She is a lovely, polite little girl who makes me smile every day. Our relationship is great.

I met my partner one year and a half ago and he really tries with my daughter. He's not naturally affectionate but has a lot of love for me and my daughter. He has no children of his own and tries his best to be a parent.

To be honest, my partner and daughter have not hit it off. They have their moments where they bond and play and he reads her stories but lately she won't let him near me without running over to the sofa. Before telling him to go away, her behaviour changes and she plays up.

I don't know what to do as I love them both dearly and I can see the hurt in his eyes as she rejects him. She feels threatened by our love, instead of seeing him as extension of love. We want to work together, but we seem to be drifting apart. Can anyone please give me any advice on how to tackle this.

Much Thanks,
Desperate Mum and Partner x

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Oct 17, 2009
Same problem
by: Anonymous

Hi Melissa

I'm facing more or less the same challenge, but from your partner's perspective. The little girl will be 5 very soon, and behaves more or less in the same manner. She's also crying most of the time. Her mom who I love more than anything in the world, drops her off at preschool in the mornings.

Myself and the little girl get along fabulously most of the time, but she will get moody sometimes, and will get very jealous when myself and her mom show affection towards each other. I really love the child, and don't really know how to handle her when she gets like this.

It has gotten to a point where her mom decided it is time for a time-out in our relationship, and she is putting all her effort and energy into her children. It feels like I'm losing them, and my heart is breaking. I miss them so much!

Any good advice you might have stumbled across will be much appreciated.


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