Coping with daddy not being home for a 3 yr old

by Tori

My daughter is 3 yrs old. Her biological father has never been in her life. She knows him but calls him by his name. Right after my daughter was born i met my soul mate and he became daddy to her. Shes never known any different. I am currently pregnant with our son but me and him are not together. We had some difficulty and had a seperation and now hes with another woman.

My daughter is having a very hard time with daddy not coming home. I let her go over to the new girlfriends house to see him and she come home crying saying she didnt want her daddy there. She has been acting out, misbehaving, and refusing to use the bathroom properly. She wets her pants. She has recently been talking to her daddy all day every day like hes right beside her and hes really not there. She has to buy him something in every store we go in. And when she eats she talks like hes sitting beside her eating with her. She asks for him to come home and play toys. She refuses to go back to the girlfriends house. She cries and says daddy come my house. She knows her brother is daddys baby. She says daddys coming home to see the baby etc. what do i need to do to help her cope?

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