Constipation in infants

I have a 1-month old little girl, and had a serious problem with her bowels not moving. I tried the Kayro trick and I also used a Q-tip and Vaselene to stimulate her to have a bowel movement. (This is not good because if you don't know what you are doing, it can harm the baby and they can get dependent on this) Nothing worked. I called her doctor, and I was surprised by what she told me. She told me to give her 1 oz of PEAR juice. It can be baby or adult as long as it's 100% juice. It worked o.k. I moved it up to 1.5 oz and it has been working like a charm for 3 weeks now!! I like it because it's all natural, and it's actually good for her. It doesn't work instantly, and sometimes takes almost a whole day to work after she drinks it, but with patience it works every day. I was told to try 1 oz apple juice to 1 oz water also, but the pear juice is working so well, I haven't had to try anything else. I hope some other parents can benefit from this!

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Sep 07, 2008
Constipation in Babies
by: Suzie

Although the pear juice remedy is a good one, it doesn't help if you're traveling or out of town and don't happen to have store nearby. I found a constipation remedy (that is safe and natural for babies, children and adults) that works gently, yet effectively. I discovered it in my last month's of pregnancy and have used it for constipation for everyone in my family, including my grandmother who now lives with us. You just put these little sprinkles on the tongue and it works like magic. You don't have to worry about it spoiling and can take it anywhere you go. Here's the link - Triple Complex Digestion Tonic Tissue Salts. There's nothing worse than constipation (especially in a baby!), so I make sure I always have this remedy on hand.

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