Confidence for Students

by Bharathi Kaza
(Hyderabad, AP. Hyderabad)

For students-

Exam confidence


Confidence is key for creating success. What is
success? The ability to get our work done successfully. So students: It's not 100%, or 90%, or 40% marks you achieve on your exams which make you a success. It is the knowledge you gain to achieve such marks. It is how you rate success for yourself. So, do not look at your grades so much. Do not compare yourself with others. Determine a goal that is reachable according to your abilities.

Every student does not have to be brilliant in studies. But at the same time it is essential to have a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 to do anything in life. Each person has his own aptitude. So put your 100% target on those areas where you have aptitude and strength. Start studying for your exams with the confidence that you should pass. Then there is no fear of failure, which can stand in your way.

Remove your fear of failure because it creates depressive tendencies. Take the long view of your life. The exam you write today is not as big as life. Do not let a fear of failure dictate your performance in exams.

Do remember that your parents, teachers and dear ones want you to get good marks and pass. Your teacher has helped many students get good grades and pass. Have confidence in your teachers. They are always there to help you. Not to fail you. They get angry on you if you do not study well. They are not happy if you take a drastic step. If you keep this in mind you are sure to succeed.

So remember your Attitude decides your Aptitude and Altitude. This makes you to turn situations from worst to wisest. It initiates you towards success. This will surely take you from the thinking of impossible to possible.

Few tips for success in exams:

1.Read all the subjects every day.

2.Make a list of known topics and the unknown topics.

3.Slowly concentrate on the unknown topics.

4.Try to learn few things from the unknown topics.

5.Try taking important topics list or questions to your teacher.

6.If possible, see the past years' questions and papers.

7.Try answering them on your own.

8.Revise the same questions and topics, which your teacher does in class.

9.Keep a revision test for yourself. See if you are able to answer well.

10.If you are not able to remember the points, try revising again.

11.Now try a re-test until you score better marks.

12.Do this for all subjects.

A positive attitude gives you the courage to study well. Still, you may not succeed due to a pre-conceived opinion about your capacities or your inexperience in certain areas. Do not allow your inexperience to become a reason for not trying.

Success is sweet but do not be afraid of failures.
Approach your every attempt with a PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. You can build your confidence and will ultimately be successful.

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Apr 14, 2008
Good Article
by: JB

A very intersting & insightful article.
All the tips are provided in a simple & straightforward manner helping the students to put their reading into practice to see improvement.Appreciate it.

- JB

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