Colic - How to Help Your Baby, Yourself & Restore Peace to Your Home

Babies can have colic from birth until about six months old. I know how challenging it can be to have a baby who cries inconsolably, which is the number one symptom of this disorder. Since nothing is more exasperating or frightening to a parent, this article will tell you what you can do to help your baby and get a little respite for yourself, so you can continue to provide the best possible care.

First things first: your baby is crying because he's in pain. So rather than getting frustrated and angry that your attempts to quell his discomfort do not work, realize that he's really hurting. Sometimes this disorder is caused by formula that doesn't agree with the baby's digestive system or it could be a general digestive issue that gets better over time. Bottom line: physicians aren't really sure what causes it.

All diseases and syndromes have criterion for diagnosis. The guidelines are: if your baby cries inconsolably for more than 3 hours per day, at least a couple times per week for longer than 3 weeks, by definition, he has colic.

Sometimes, colicky babies will pull their legs up in an attempt to relive their intestinal discomfort or will cry so hard that they become red in the face. Since the symptoms seem to worsen when the baby is lying on his back, here are some techniques that may help:

  • Pick the baby up and walk with him, bouncing lightly
  • Put the baby on his tummy and rub his back
  • Burp the baby after every feeding, making sure to try different techniques until you hear an audible burp
  • Sprinkle a few granules of iBaba on your babies tongue (more on this below)

iBaba for Baby Colic is a 100% natural, herbal colic remedy that will help your baby to sleep restfully (so you will too) and relieve the symptoms of infant colic. Since the medicine contains no additives or alcohol, it is safe and can be administered at the first signs of incessant crying. A handful of my subscribers have written to tell me how effective this medicine is and how, much to their relief, it has relieved their babies pain, saving their sanity and their marriage.

Speaking of sanity, let's be truthful. Waking up to an inconsolable baby is challenging, even for the most patient person. Don't set yourself up for rages or depression: get some help. If you are married, alternate nights getting up with the baby with your husband. If you are a single mother or father, ask a friend or relative to help by giving you some respite. Once in a while spend a couple hours doing something solely for yourself, so you can return to your baby relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to be a parent.

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