Childrens Book Reviews: Books that Teach Kids How to Deal with Tough Issues and Make Good Choices

Childrens Book Reviews

To children, the world is large and overwhelming. There's so much to learn and so much they do not understand. As such, Family Matters! Parenting Magazine offers parents childrens book reviews on books that will help childrenface tough issues ranging from learning how to deal with bullies to making tough moral choices.

Our criteria for our willingness to do a book review is answered by the question: does it have a story line that teaches children how to better navigate their lives? Does the book offer advice based on experience that is applicable to children?

Does it clarify a subject that is confusing? Does it engage the reader? Does it conjure up real life scenarios and offer insights as to how problems could have been handled with less injury to all. Does the book offer concrete ways to solve common problems? Does it open up avenues of discussion between parents and children? Are there characters in the story with whom children can identify?

Is the book culturally correct?

childrens book reviews

When I write a childrens book review, I confer with my kids and their friends. After all, the book is geared toward children, so it makes sense that they should participate in the kid book review. I read the children the book and ask them questions to confirm their understanding. I find out what they liked about the book and what they did not like. I ask them what they would have changed. Then I mix in a parent's perspective in terms of the value of the book as a learning and parenting tool and offer it to you.

If you are an author of a children's book or ebook and would like us to write a review, please click on Childrens Book Review and we will tell you how to submit your work. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot notify you if your book was received (use Delivery Confirmation for that) or let you know if we decide not to review your childrens book. If we review your book, you will be notified once the child book review has been published.

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Childrens Book Reviews

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