Children negatively/positively affected behavior by homeschooling?

by ANN

I have a question, I have a 5, 7, and 8 yr. old I am homeschooling. The two younger children, I feel (do not act their age) most times, I see other public schooled children more calm sometimes, (as if they know when to sit and be quiet etc) and although mine are always better mannered etc,.. seem to think it is ok to (do as they wish almost, like they remind me of a 3-4 yr. old child you are constantly reminding, sit still, you must be quiet, you must not continue to act this way at this time, etc... I wonder if they were in school would they be better able to make that distinction at times, I mean would they be better behaved!!??? help. (my oldest is an angel, always has been, but the others??? Help!!!!! thx!

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Jan 25, 2012
Would Home schooled Kids Behave Better in Public School
by: Laura Ramirez

Your question about whether home schooled kids behave better in public school is a good one. The benefits that public school has over home school is that the authority (teacher) is someone other than yourself (which means you get a break) and the social pressure to conform to a certain code of conduct is greater because other kids will expect your kids to behave as they do. In addition, other kids who are able to stay quiet and sit still during instruction will serve as positive role models for your children. Of course there will also be negative role models too, but it all depends on whom your kids identify with. One of the good things about the public school system is that it socializes kids and teaches them to get along with different kids from different backgrounds, something that you cannot really teach at home because it requires interaction with others outside the family home.

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