Child Development Helps Parents Create a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Understanding child development ...

... will help you to see that behavior reveals deeper needs.
By understanding the stages of development through which all humans pass, you 'll gain patience, wisdom, compassion and perspective. Of course, these are precisely the qualities you'll need to cultivate in order to become the best parent you can be, while raising a happy, healthy child, who exudes confidence, a sense of humanity and integrity.

In future articles, we'll detail the stages of child development. In addition to breaking it down stage by stage, we'll discuss the struggles and conflicts presented by each phase and give suggestions for resolving them and creating positive outcomes. We'll also take about child behavior and development so you'll know what constitutes normal behavior and what your child might need help with.

Understanding this process, will give you a broad base knowledge of behavior, while ensuring your child's progression through each stage and encouraging growth and progressive independence. Read our top three recommended child development books

child development

It is essential for parents to understand how children develop and grow because this creates reasonable expectations for child behavior.

All articles are written by Laura Ramirez, author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children. The book combines ancient native concepts like stewardship with an understanding of child development to help parents raise children whose lives are an expression of their natural strengths and talents.

If you've read the articles listed below and still have questions about child development, you can submit them by clicking on the link.

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