child watches too much tv

by father

My son just barely turned two in december. He's overall a very happy child but tends to throw tantrums at times, either when he doesn't get what he want or doesn't know how to tell us what he wants, (by the way he doesn't yet speak, he knows a few words but uses them randomly).

When we take him to the doctor he gets extremely frustrated and even throws up out of agony, also he gets the same way with people he doesn't know or at places he doesn't recognize, plus it's sometimes impossible to get him to make eye contact with you, but we can tell that he's really smart at things like playing with blocks and puzzle solving and he has ways of showing us what he wants.

One of the biggest things he pays attention to is television, that's were he learns most of his words lol.. Is this normal and if so what can we do to get him to pay more attention to us and not the tv.

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