Child Still Sleeping with Mother

by Raven

My friend has a unusual relationship with her son, now 5 yrs old. The child is still sleeping with the mother even on nights when the father sleeps in another room. She has a condtion which I do not know the proper name for but it means she has fallen in love with her kid. I know this is common because she has said as much and the woman next door to us told me she had it with both her boys.

Now, recently she had been very blunt about keeping her son away from me. I don't know where this is coming from. I was the child's nanny for 3 months and treat him especially well. She won't let anyone near him for long and she gets so crazy and jealous over it she wheels him back in. She can only play with her and her crazy husband who is a few wheels short of a wagon.

Anyway, why I am writing. The other day the little boy, Declan, was outside on his scooter... I was sitting there as was his mother... suddenly this pretty woman about 35 or 40 blonde ponytail walks by... Declan stops everything and looks at her. Than turns to his mother with his eyes opened wide - like in delight. Which unnerved me. The mother Nancy, looks at the woman than back at her son and states, "Declan, she's too old for you." NOw I don't know about anyone else reading this but for me that was SPOOKY. CREEPY. I know the mother showers and walks into the bedroom where her son is watching and tv. I don't know what she does but I am guessing she changing into her cloths. Sometimes, the boy go into the bathroom with her too. This doesn't seem right to me and I am concerned he is developing sexually far faster than normal because of this unnatural closeness between his mother and him.She told me directly her and her husband are no long intimate. This is sick to me.

What can I do?? Her and her husband treat me like a stranger anymore. I've known the husband and lived with him for 20 yrs. His wife Nancy, I know about 7 yrs but I have never experienced anything like this from them. They want me out they have no loyalty to me for all I did for them. They changed 180 degrees in four months the husband even commented on my buying Declan a toy (3.00 toy) "Nance, I don't know if I like the idea of STRaNGERS from across the street buying him presents." IS he crazy or what? Can you tell me what to do? I know they both have problems but can't someone have them take psychological testing or something? I'm scared for the kid and myself. Who are these people anymore? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!

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May 31, 2012
Report Report Report
by: Anonymous

Ookay, to the person who posted previously, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the child in this case only 5 years old???? How in the blue blazes is he supposed to handle it on his own? How in the world do you expect such a young child to put a stop to his mother manipulating him?

To the lady that first wrote in a reported it here, I strongly urge you to report it to child protective services, a local priest, maybe contact a big brother organization, perhaps they could point you in the right direction! Are you close to other members of the family, like the parents parents or siblings? Would it be possible to talk to any of them? Are you friendly with any of the local police; perhaps you could speak with them and get their advice? Some bigger cities have special police units that deal with mostly children and youth problems.

No matter who you report it to, if and or when it gets back to the parents, it will suredly cause some strife and heartache, you have to be prepared for that! Kudos to you for even realizing there is a problem here and double kudos to you for wanting to do something about it. Now there is going to be lots of people who will probably say things like: you nosey ol biddy, you're just jealous, why don't you mind your own business and worry about your own affairs. Well, that may be true, but it sounds like you are really trying to do the right thing. And maybe, just maybe, if there were more nosey old biddies that weren't afraid of stepping up to plate and making a stink until something is done, then just maybe the next generation of children won't grow up to be pediophiles and abusers themselves.

May 29, 2012
Thanks Erik...
by: Anonymous

Thank Erik, so suprised more people haven't weighed in... what are mothers doing out there to their sons ... I thought this would bring more reaction its a child... when did Americans go numb? And what are they on Xanx???

Though its not that easy to "Stay out of it" all too many people do and that's why kids grow up screwed up... when you see something that really I mean really makes you uncomfortable I think you should call someone else in to help them. I haven't yet. They treat him great for the most part... Lately they seem to be losing patience. I'll watch them closely honey like a mongoose does a snake before I strike.

May 26, 2012
My mother did the same thing to me
by: Erik

This is not your problem. It is between the parents and the child. If you take on their problems you will come out losing. If they have extended family they might come after you for butting into their family affairs. If anything, leave it to the authorities. Tell CPS and let them make a decision what should be done if anything.
Getting involved with problems like this are extremely difficult to do anything about. The kid’s life is going to be just as screwed up as the parents are. If he does not get his parents problems resolved by himself, he will be in therapy at age 46 just like I am trying to figure out why he let his mother manipulate him for so long. My mother used guilt. If you love mommy you'll. (fill in the blank)
I wish you luck.

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