Child Sleep Problems: A Sleep Solution to End Bedtime Battles

Review of a Solution for Child Sleep ProblemsCharlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy
A Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Kids.

Review by Laura Ramirez

Charlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy is a solution to child sleep problems. The CD uses proven techniques to relax and lull your child to sleep. Even if your child isn't physically tired, the CD will relax him mentally. This means that he will stay in bed, wind down and eventually fall to sleep.

Charlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy addresses sleep problems in a variety of ways. The CD has twenty two tracks full of stories, guided imagery and relaxation techniques that will lull your child to dreamland. Best of all, is the the voice behind the CD--the warm, generously expressive voice of voice artist Charlie Channel. Listening to him speak is like being wrapped in the big, safe arms of a loving father. Charlie will comfort your child and carry him off to sleep.

In terms of helping overcome child sleep problems, Charlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy makes an effective nighttime ritual. Not only will Charlie become your child's "bedtime buddy, " he will help your child make positive associations with sleep time. Additionally, the relaxation techniques will help your child learn how to soothe himself during the day when he is feeling stressed.

An overview of the CD content will help you understand the unique way Charlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy approaches child sleep problems. The CD opens with a comforting greeting. Next the child is guided through body relaxation techniques and guided imagery. The imagery helps the child relax the mind while engaging the imagination. Next, the child is invited on a sleep time adventure that includes a wealth of stories and guided imagery. The CD closes with a comforting goodnight.

If your family is struggling with child sleep problems, I recommend Charlie Channel--Bedtime Buddy. Even if you are not experiencing sleep disorders or bedtime battles, it creates a nightly ritual that will benefit your entire family.

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Child Sleep Problems can be Soothed by Charlie Channel

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