Child Predator Checklist - Warning Signs of Child Predators

Child Predator Warning Sign Checklist

Below is a list of warning signs that can alert you to a child predator. Be careful with the information on this list. Rather than taking each item on the list alone, use it to construct a picture, along with other observations, impressions and your gut feelings about the person in question and how they operate. For instance, a person who is overly nice is less likely to be a pedophile than a person who has just been raised to put others needs before their own.

If your child returns home from an interaction with an adult you are suspicious of and seems different, question your child in a way that does not raise alarm or cause further trauma. Your first priority should be to ensure that your child has no more contact with this individual until you have more information.

While you'll want to be careful about assumptions, your first priority as a parent is to protect your child from child predators and other unsavory characters.

Child Predator - Warning Signs

  • Have a preoccupation with children
  • May be overly nice, kind, friendly
  • Use clever means to gain access to and cross boundaries with children
  • Overly attentive to your child. Pedophiles have radar for kids who come from broken homes or whose dependency needs are not getting met. (Pedophiles gain a child's trust by giving them the attention he or she craves.)
  • Child predators often work in a position that allows them access to children. They can be teachers, coaches, scout leaders, church personnel, etc.
  • They are usually loners and have an inability to get their needs met from adult relationships.
  • They may have families of their own who are unaware of their activities.
  • Pedophiles will do everything in their power to earn your trust, so you'll assume that your child is safe in their care.
  • Most pedophiles are men. It is estimated that only 4% of pedophiles are women. Don't let this prevent you from looking more closely at a woman who your child has reported feeling unsafe with. Female child predators are out there as the recent allegations against church worker, Melissa Huckaby, for the abduction, rape and murder of eight-year old Sandra Cantu attests.

Don't worry about hurting the feelings of adults: the safety of children should be your first priority. If you have suspicions about an adult who has access to your child, do a background check to find out instantly if this person has a criminal history. You can do this easily and anonymously, protecting the lives of children and securing your peace of mind.

You may also want to invest in a GPS tracking device for your child, so you can easily find out where your child is instantlly, even if he or she has just wandered off. When it comes to raising children, nothing is more important than their safety.

About the Author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. The book won a Nautilus Award for "book that promote conscious living and social change." Her book teaches parents how to raise children to act from integrity and strength and learn how to survive in the world, so they can thrive in it.

Keeping Your Child Safe from Child Predators

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