Child of Mixed Races

by CKR

Child of Mixed Races

My four year old daughter is half African American and half white. Her father and I are no longer together and I have married and had another child since then. My husband and myself are white.

My daughter has now been asking questions as to why she is brown and not her brother. Her father is still around but only twice a year if that, due to his military obligations.

I want my little girl to understand that it is okay to be both races and in fact, I tell her she is extra special because she is both. She still says she does not like people with dark skin and wants to have blond hair (no one in our household has blond hair--all brown hair).

She keeps asking why she is not white and I just don't want her to feel ashamed, different, out of place or develop low self esteem because of this. Has anyone else gone through this situation?

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