Child Obesity: A Way Out of Child Obesity

In the United States, child obesity is a growing problem. According to the Center for Disease Control, fifteen percent of kids under the age of 19 are overweight. Obesity doesn't just affect teens, but also 2 to 5-year old kids. The apparel business which is quick to capitalize on any trend has created a cottage industry geared to supplying plus-size clothing for our growing population of fat kids.

Although super size meals at fast food restaurants have contributed to childobesity and childhood diabetes, it is parents who must take responsibility for what their children eat. Blaming McDonald's or Burger King for your child's eating habits is like blaming Nintendo for the fact that your child gets no exercise because he plays video games all day. As parents, we are responsible for teaching our children how to create healthy, life-affirming habits. The first step requires adopting them ourselves. The only way to do this is to accept responsibility for how our laziness and harried lifestyles have helped create a nation of fat kids.

Child obesity creates self-esteem problems and serious health problems such as childhood diabetes. Type 2 diabetes (which was once called adult onset diabetes, but is now being found in kids) is frightening because it has serious health risks such as blindness, heart attack, need for amputation, kidney failure, stroke and death. This is a terrifying trend.

The solution to child obesity is simple: eat less food and get more exercise. Rather than make the problem more complex than it is, take action.

child obesity

This requires that parents spend more time and energy on their kids. Start slow. Make healthy meals and small, but progressive substitutions. Instead of taking bags of chips, bring along carrots and celery as snacks. Since produce needs to be refrigerated during the summer, buy one of those little purse-size coolers to keep snacks fresh. Be prepared to meet your child's resistance. Although it may take time and discipline to wean your kids off junk food, over time, your children will develop an aversion to the sickening sugary sweet/cardboard-like taste of manufactured food.

The right supplement can help give your child or teen the nutrients she needs to start to wean herself off unhealthy carbs and sugars. Subscribers who have read this article have written in to tell me that JuniorSlim for Child Obesity has helped their children to gradually lose weight and literally transform themselves. This is an all natural herbal remedy that has no side-effects. The tonic works by supporting healthy metabolic functions and the various organs that promote good digestion and effective elimination.

A child who is overweight is in serious emotional pain. Do what you can to help your child overcome this issue and start habits that will ensure a lifetime of good health. Losing weight and learning how to maintain a healthy body weight is essential to this goal.

Engage your child in fun family activities. Go for bike rides, hikes and walks. Spend a day at the pool. Participate in fun backyard sports. Talk to your kids. By overeating, they may be "stuffing down" their feelings. Give them opportunities to get those feelings out. Although from a physical standpoint, it may seem that your child is addicted to chocolate, what she may really crave is the rich sweet feeling of knowing she is loved and appreciated by her parents. Remember that the problem of child obesity is more than physical--it is an emotional, mental and spiritual problem that must be approached from every angle.

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