child not right after coming home from visitation

by nicholas a tocco
(grafton, wv, usa)

I feel this question is too vague without a short history of the father. the father is a man who does everything in his power to slip through the cracks (lawfully and morally) to spite the legal guardians of said child. and more is that he took us to court to get partial custody of child throughout the month.

we follow any and all rules set by the court, meaning when the father calls to pick-up his child we do all we can to abide by his wishes. he was set to pay child support. so much each month. which he did for a while (4-5) months. and now that winter has come his seasonal job is gone and he is working under the table. meaning he's not paying child support (one of the ways he slips through the cracks). so we took him back to court to have a judge tell him he has to pay $50 a month or he will go to jail. (our suspicions were confirmed he was working under the table, so he told the judge.but he would never tell us that. hence needing to take him to court to get him to follow rules) and now he has to have the upper hand because he is the kind that cant let all the drama be over. so hes telling our 6 year old child stuff, when our child goes to his house for visitation. and said child comes back goes in his room and cries. at first we thought he missed his dad so we asked what was wrong. surprisingly the child replied i am crying because dad said he is going to beat up the step dad and keep the legal guardians in trouble the best he can. is there anyway we can get deadbeat dad to be civil or is everything we do in vain? please any answer would be helpful or even someone else i could talk to, to try to figure this out.

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