Minimize the Pain of Child Immunizations, Allergy Shots & Insulin Shots with the Shot Blocker

Child immunizations can be painful. I'll never forget the anxiety I felt as a young mother when I had to take my children to the Health Department for their shots. Each time I was instructed to immobilize my toddler for a shot, I felt cruel and helpless. Although I knew that the vaccination would prevent him from getting a disease, I yearned to find a way to reduce the pain of the shot. While some kids are frightened by the pain of a shot, often fear of the needle creates more trauma than the shot itself.

The pain issue presents an even tougher problem for parents of children who need regular allergy shots or insulin injections. Even as an adult, pain management can be a challenge. I know because my husband is diabetic and has to inject himself with insulin twice per day. He also has a spinal cord injury and chronic fibromyalgia which means that he is in constant pain. Despite the high pain tolerance he has developed from living with pain, he is not immune to the pain of daily insulin shots.

All this changed when I was introduced to the Shot BlockerTM from Bionix. The Shot Blocker is a plastic device that numbs the area of the skin where the shot will be administered. This creates a temporary, but effective numbing sensation that allows child immunizations and allergy and insulin shots to be given without pain. The underside of the plastic device is covered with blunt skin contact points. When pressed firmly against the skin, the (not unpleasant) pressure created by the contact points anesthetizes the skin. When the needle is inserted into the middle of the numbed area (see photo below), there is no pain!

child immunizations allergy shots
Although I trusted my husband's experience, I decided to consult with my children's pediatrician to see what she thought about the Shot BlockerTM for child immunizations and allergy shots. Our pediatrician, Dr. Colletti, said that she thought the Shot Blocker seemed an effective tool for numbing the pain of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. You don't get a much better doctor recommendation than that. As parents of today, it's comforting to know that we can protect our children from serious diseases and reduce the pain of child immunizations, allergy shots and insulin injections.

The Shot Blocker was invented by James Huttner, M.D., Ph.D., a practicing pediatrician and co-founder of Bionix Medical Technologies in Toledo, Ohio. The Shot Blocker can be used on children and adults.

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To buy in bulk (doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics), call Bionix at 1-800-551-6810 or visit their web site at

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