Child Hitting

by JV

Child Hitting

I am a child care worker, I have a boy in my 2-3 year old room who will turn 2 at the start of july.

I have noticed several behaviours this child displays:

- will walk around seemingly aimlessly, then if he catches your eye, will run at you and throw himself at you, then move off again

-tends to stay at an activity for not more than 20-30seconds.

- hits children, without being provoked. If the child says "no" or "stop" he will continue to pursue that child, chasing them around hitting and pushing them

- will follow myself around the room all day hitting me, but not the other staff member in the room and we both discipline him.

- attempts to make self vomit (sticks fingers down throat)

- fixated on balls

- pulling pants and or pull-up down

We have tried many different ways of managing his behaviour... for the hitting/pushing:

- time-out

- ignoring negative behaviour and positively reinforcing positive behaviours

However these seem to have no effect. I am at my wit's end, it is difficult enough dealing with 10 toddlers let alone one who is behaving in this way. Help please!

Talking to Toddlers: Learn how to talk so little ones will listen by using NLP (neuro linguistic programming). A great solution for aggressive toddlers.

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