Child Education and Related Issues: School Violence, Learning Strategies, Intrinsic Motivation and More.

In the past generation, child education has changed, in some ways to the detriment of children. Performance on standardized tests has become the goal of schools. This has led to a strict regimen, hampered creativity, normalized behavior and put more pressure on teachers.

School officials have become more concerned about liability and have created rules that prohibit children from acting like kids on the playground. Although the two may be unrelated, as education has changed and children have become more restricted, school violence has escalated, creating a dangerous climate for children at all levels: from elementary through high school.

In this section, we will examine issues related to child education, such as kindergarten readiness, using intrinsic rather than external motivation to inspire learning, math help and science help, making learning fun through play and experimentation, fostering your child's natural interests, how boys learn versus girls and topics on school violence, how to deal with school officials when your child has been a victim of school violence and how to teach your children to deal with bullies.

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Below are links to articles on child education, parent teacher relationships, home schooling, learning strategies and school violence. But first, here is a tool for helping children relieve anxiety and improve test scores and overall performance in school. Once learned, this technique translates to success in all areas of life.

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