Child Eating Habits

by Catherine

Child Eating Habits

My son is 27 months old and I am worried about his eating habits. I have exhausted myself trying everything from being strict and stern to flexible and carefree. My son's eating habits are not good. He's growing normally for his age, but my concern is that he only has a handful of things he will eat and this is always changing.

It's hard to cook him something not knowing if he's going to eat it. I'm frustrated and at the end of my rope. Everyone says to me that it will get better when he gets older, but so far it's the same if not worse.

He won't eat vegies, meat (used to eat chicken strips), rice, used to eat pasta. I feel like he's living off of fruit and snack food and cereal. I buy the healthiest food that I can find. I don't give him junk food.

I hope you can give me some new advice.

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