Child Development Theories: The Study of Being Human

Child Development Theories

All the way back to Shakespeare and before, mankind has been trying to sort out the stages of human life. Baby to boy, boy to man, man to elder, we’ve pecked away at the questions of how we develop, and why we develop the way we do. All along what we are hoping is that, if we can only understand the secret, we can arrange to do it better. Now we have come to a time in history when, in regards to child development theories, we can do it better!

In the past hundred and fifty years psychological science, medical science, and sociology have come together to provide us with an increasingly clear understanding of how children grow and mature. Whether dealing with physical, emotional or intellectual aspects of growth, child development studies have been progressing at a rate never seen before in history.

Many benefits of child development theories have already found their way into improved habits in our cultures: teachers no longer beat children as a common thing in schools, parents think twice about when and whether to spank. Nutrition for children has improved enormously as doctors have come to understand what nutrients are vital to child health and growth and which can actually be harmful.

child development theories

But there is still much more that hasn’t yet been fully incorporated by our cultures. Just knowing the ages at which children are capable of such “simple” tasks as baby sitting can make a difference in how you make choices. Knowing that a child’s impulse control is seldom fully developed even into young adulthood can alter your choices on subjects from dating rules to driving, and can alter your feelings about a child’s “D” in math completely.

To gain the sort of knowledge that can change your parenting, you need a guide to lead you through the complexities of child development theories. For previous generations Dr. Spock was the one and only resource. Today there are many more, offering superb references for parents struggling to learn enough to raise their children in a confusing and changing world.

Having a few good resources available to you in print and on the net can remove a burden of worry from your mind. With a good book that presents the common, practical meaning of child development studies in a form clear even for those without a degree in psychology, so they can make choices with confidence and hope.

Take the time to research titles and authors and find your resourceful, reliable guides today. It can open your mind and your heart and improve your parenting in ways you may never have imagined. Our favorite resource is a parenting book that explains development from birth to death, so parents can understand children as well as their own development.

Child Development Theories


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