Child Development Milestones: Understanding Child Growth

Child Development Milestones

There are moments in a child’s life parents treasure: the first real smile. The first time a baby crawls. The first word. The first step. These are the milestones it is easy to see and identify.

There are other child development milestones in a baby’s life, though, no less important but often harder to hold in the mind. They often show themselves in the sorts of moments listed above, but these milestones are milestones of nerve connecting to nerve, of brains growing at monumental speed.

child development milestones

A child is born unfinished. The body is immature, and so is the brain itself. The self-aware mind has barely begun to form at all. There are many steps to take before a child can be considered an adult, and even an adult is “unfinished.”

This is a wonderful thing, but it presents parents with an amazing challenge. A child does not think, act, or even perceive the world in quite the same way as an adult--and an adult is unable to return to the experience of a child. Even memory comes short of bringing grown-ups back to the vivid, magical thinking of early years. But there are ways to learn the nature of those milestones.

Reading a child development article is a good start. Many superb articles on child development milestones can be found in parenting magazines and in magazines of popular psychology. If you take a child development course a professor can easily point you at not one good child development article, but dozens. For most parents, though, the simplest solution is to find a good book on child development that brings all the vital bits together in one place.

There are so many aspects to understand in child development. The physical growth of the brain alone is incredible. Combined with a body that changes so rapidly in early childhood, it is amazing a child can cope, much less loving parents who sometimes feel as though they wake up to a totally new child each day.

One day they will be dealing with a loving, trusting, quiet child happy to cuddle and doze. Overnight they will find they now have a zooming, scooting, exploring whirlwind rushing through the home shoving everything in sight into the mouth and wailing like a fire engine when captured and returned to the crib. What happened?

The baby has passed a child development milestone. A good book with sensibly laid out articles, clear graphs and more, can help a parent understand what has happened. It can even help a parent know what to do with this suddenly transformed child. The gift of a well written article is that it provides so much useful information, and so many suggestions. A child development article can be read and re-read, and the parent will learn more each time through.

There are many things you and your child can do without. But you can’t do without good information on child development milestones. Be sure you have the information you and your child need. Get a good book, and start to read. The resources below will give you a good start and help you to celebrate your child's passage and each small step toward growth.

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