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... keeping a record of your child's milestones is a wonderful thing to do. Children of all ages love to hear again and again about their first words, how old they were when they took their first step, what their favorite foods were, the funny things they said and did. In this article, we'll look at two types of journals that we think families should keep. One will prove a cherished family keepsake; the other provides essential records and need-to-know information. (Note: doing this is a great alternative to scrapbooking which involves countless hours and is an expensive hobby.)

The first child development journal is called the Keepsake of Love Baby Journal. This family keepsake provides a record of your child's first years from birth to age three. If you have a young child and think you can keep everything your child has said and done in your head, think again. Take the time to record all your child's firsts in this lovely book which is organized beautifully, has appealing graphics and has the right number of information pages. There is a page for mom and dad (and your life before baby), a page for birth facts, footprints, milestones and more. Pages called "Reflections from the Heart" prompt memories about the baby's day of birth, the preparations you made and how fast your baby grew. There is a section for special notes from you to your child and plenty of room for photographs and keepsakes. Comes with a removable growth chart. Spiral bond so no matter how you fill it up, it will close flat.

The next must-have child development journal is called Parent to Child. Rather than a baby book, this gives you the opportunity to share all the things you would want your children to know in the event that the unthinkable takes place.

In this journal, the author guides you to chronicle your feelings on subjects such as family history, work and career, love and relationships, parenting, money, living the good life, emergency preparedness. Also, includes an address book where you record important contacts. This is a beautiful legacy to leave your children. In addition to letting them know how you feel about life's big issues, it will enrich your life as you reflect on how you really feel about these issues and what advice you want to pass on to your children.

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