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A beautiful, precious child: the most common miracle of all! So wonderful, so mysterious, and so fragile. With all her life ahead of her, who could resist wanting to know everything possible to help bring her up? Who could resist learning all they could about what she really is, how she will develop, where she is headed and how to make sure she blossoms to her fullest?

There have been a million child development articles written to give just that resource to parents. In America alone there are dozens of parenting magazines, websites, advice columns and more dedicated to providing articles on child development for each parent blessed with one of those tiny little marvels.

Tucked in among the advertisements for diapers and the pretty pastel photos are articles which attempt to condense the wisdom of the ages. Some are brilliant and scholarly, but above most people's. Others explore science’s cutting edge theories: theories which may prove to be the most powerful insights of the past decades, or which may prove to be nothing but drivel. child development articles Not all the child development articles provide a complete understanding of how a baby really grows. Even the very best are simply stute snapshots of a topic. The worst can be little more than hack writing on pop fads, encouraging parents to try out parenting techniques that may be cute, but do a child little, if any good. The reason I warn you is that as a parent, you must carefully consider the resources you consult.

Among all the articles on child development, however, are some outstanding works by insightful experts. Integrating understanding from the trail blazing work of scientists and child development experts, they help parents create effective strategies to deal with everything from nutrition to nightmares to ninth-grade crushes. To fully understand development, get the only parenting book that explains the process from birth to death. This helps parents understand their own development as well as that of their child.

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In some cases those experts go on, gathering the information of the very best learning and bringing together the art and wisdom of the very best child development articles into a single book or series of books, giving parents one clear, refined and condensed place to look for all the very best material that has been offered in articles on child development.

With such a universe of child development articles to sort through and evaluate you can end up tired, confused and badly overworked…and that’s without factoring in how tired, confused and overwhelmed your children leave you.

Having one safe, sensible, reliable and informative place to turn to for articles on child development, assembled by the best author and using only the best tested and most proven information allows you the luxury of knowing you have the answers to a thousand questions. That certainty leaves you free to get every moment of joy and wonder out of your relationship with your very own personal little miracle.

Learn more about the parenting book that explains development from birth to death simply and in plain language. This allows to parent to understand what is normal for their child and normal for them as parents.

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