Child Birthday Party: How To Throw a Child Birthday Party to Be Remembered without OverIndulging the Kids

Planning a child birthday party is like a balancing act--while you want your kids to have fun, it's important not to overindulge them. If you do, you set them up with big expectations that you are sure to disappoint. For instance, I know of one kid whose parents recently threw him a birthday party that cost them $10,000.00. Although these people are celebrities and have money to burn, lavish parties create expectations for the "next party" that soon get out of hand. The only way to top a $10,000 child birthday party is to throw a bigger, more extravagant one next time.

Although I've thrown a few big birthday parties for my kids (to me, "big" means I've spent no more than $150), my children are getting older (at this writing, they are eight and ten) and I wanted to take the emphasis off them and make it more about relationship. A child birthday party should be a gathering of good friends who come together to celebrate life itself. I wanted my son (who was seven, turning eight) to select six close friends. I decided to select a kid birthday party theme that would speak to their vibrant boy-energy--something fun, high-spirited and adventured-filled, but at the same time, something that cost me very little in terms of money, but more in terms of time.

The kid birthday party theme that I selected was a Survivor Child Birthday Party Theme This is a preplanned birthday package that gave me everything I needed to plan the party, except a few small items to buy at the grocery store.

Since "Survivor" is a popular television show (unlike the t.v. show, kids are not voted off in the birthday party game), I thought all eight boys (6 guest plus my two sons) would have a blast with it. I purchased a kid birthday party theme package from a child birthday party web site that included everything I needed to plan the party: printable invitations, a list and description of the Survivor games, designs to print out to create a sign for the door and a big poster and an "I Survived" certificate to take home. I purchased the packet for $35, downloaded and printed out the instructions, designs and invitations. (This kid birthday party site has various themes from Survivor to detective parties.)

I decided that the child birthday party would last five hours. Although that seems a little long, I wanted it to be structured and unstructured. (I've been to kid birthday parties where it seemed that kids had much more fun after the adults let the kids direct their play). Since the party was to be held on a Friday night, I wanted to give the parents of the invited kids some respite--they would have plenty of time to go out for dinner and a movie,while their kids were playing safely at my house.

After two hours of preparation, I was ready for the child birthday party. For the most part, I was able to use things I already had around the house. I wrote a script for the Survivor party from the kid birthday party theme packet because I really wanted to engage the kids in the survivor fantasy. I also added a few games to personalize it a bit. I prepared the parents by telling them what the party was about.

When the kids arrived, everyone was excited. I divided them into two teams. They were to use their wits, their strength and courage to survive on "the island." I was the party coordinator, my husband operated the video camera. The bottom line was that the child birthday party was a blast. I had so much fun watching the kids have fun that I laughed until tears were streaming from my eyes.

The party was filled with fun boy-centered competition. After each event, the boys couldn't wait to hear what they were in store for next. After the structured part of the child birthday party was over, I handed control over to the kids. We did gather a little later to eat birthday cake and tell some riddles, but they played together outside or in different rooms of the house. When they left, they were exhausted, yet exhiliarated.

Weeks later, the kids were still talking about that party. The bond created by this Survivor kid birthday party theme was permanent. Best of all, my son told me: "That was the best birthday party ever, Mom. I appreciate what you did for me." Upon hearing those words, I knew that he understood that ultimately, a child birthday party celebration is a gathering of friends to celebrate life, rather than just an opportunity to get a bunch of gifts.

For great pre-planned kid birthday party theme ideas, go to Birthday Party Games Lady - preplanned party ideas — browse birthday party packages from Harry Potter to detective themes. These downloadable birthday packages give you everything you need from editable and printable invitations, to a shopping list to a description of all the activities. Throwing a party this way is a blast for kids and easy and fun for parents.

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