Child Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

The right child birthday party invitation sets expectations for the party. When you buy a preplanned party package with printable invitations, kids look forward to the party with great anticipation.

For instance, children get excited about going to a Harry Potter birthday party , a Detective party or a birthday party theme based on the concept of the t.v. show Survivor (Don't worry—in the Survivor Kid Birthday party game package I recommend, no one gets voted off like on the t.v. show.) Sending out a kid birthday party invitation creates a buzz that will keep kids talking until the big day finally arrives. As a parent who has thrown these parties for my kids, I find children's anticipation for the party day absoluely delightful and a big motivator for me to get the plans underway.

Here are some suggestions for making your child birthday party invitation memorable:

1. Select a kid birthday party theme and make the birthday invitation match the theme. The Birthday Party Games Lady has pre-planned kids birthday party games packages for busy parents that come with all you need to host the event: a list of supplies, graphics for party posters, premade computer editable & printable child birthday party invitations that can be personalized, and scripts for games and activities that support the theme. Best of all, these packages are downloadable, so you can get started right away.

2. If you are having a birthday tea party, make the invitations elegant. Hire a calligrapher to write personalized, handwritten invitations. This will set the mood for a truly elegant occasion.

3. Make sure you distribute the birthday party invitations at least one week in advance. If your child is in elementary school, hand the invitations to the parents when they pick up or drop off their children. I can't tell you how many parties we have missed (or nearly missed) because my son was given a child birthday party invitation by his friend and stuck it in his backpack only to forget he'd put it in there. Make sure each kid birthday party invitation has an R.S.V.P. contact name and telephone number. Other parents need to let you know if their child will attend the birthday party. If they haven't met you before, it helps to be able to address them by name when they call to confirm their child is coming.

For ideas on other kid birthday party theme packages (in addition to those mentioned in this article), go see the Birthday Party Games Lady I can't emphasize enough how much I recommend her downloadable pre-planned party kits. The activities and games inside these kits provide real opportunities to strengthen young friendships and create lasting bonds through the fun activities at the party. Best of all the kits contain all you need to throw a themed birthday party that kids will talk about for months to come.

Whatever you do, remember that making a birthday party memorable starts with creating a child birthday party invitation that fits your theme.

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