Cellular Phone Radiation

Cellular phone radiation is a prime concern. Although many Americans are not yet aware of research done on the effects of EMF radiation, Europeans have been using tiny radiation shields in their cell phones for years.

Studies have shown that exposure to cell phone radiation can lead to the following problems: sleep disruption, headache, brain tumors, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, memory problems, problems with concentration and spatial perception and various forms of cancer. As a parent, I wonder about the long term affects on preteens and teens who, over their lifetime, will accumulate more exposure than adults. Consider too that they will be exposed during a period of brain development and neuronal pruning that could leave them more vulnerable to certain types of cancer.

When considering the effects of cellular phone radiation, remember that your cell phone is essentially a radio. When you talk on it, your voice is transmitted via the antenna as radio frequency radiation between 800 Mhz and 1990 Mhz. Since most people press their cell phones against their ear while listening, they are receiving 20 to 50% of the radiation emitted by the antenna. Studies have shown that these rays can penetrate one-half to one full inch inside the brain.

Contrary to popular belief, using a headset does not eliminate cellular phone radiation. In fact, research studies have shown that some headsets may compound it. Just as bad are hands-free headsets that can actually increase radiation exposure as much as three-fold.

In order to protect yourself and your family (and especially, children, who may already be using a cellular phone), I recommend an electromagnetic protective device that will neutralize the effects of cellular phone radiation. This particular product protects against all the frequencies generated by wireless devices, including microwave (MW), radio frequences (RF) and extremely low frequencies (ELF). Consider purchasing a Cellular Phone Radiation Shield for every member of your family. The company I recommend is the same company from which I recently purchased protective devices for my family. They offer a wide selection of protective devices that will let you use today's technology safely.

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