can't read my child mind.

by sonal Joshi
(kathmandu , nepal)

I am a 34 year old mother of 2 kids. elder is 9 years old son and younger is 11 months old daughter. I can't read my elder son's mind sometimes. Sometimes he acts like an mature person and sometimes he behaves like her younger sister.

He likes to watch T.V if possible throughout the day. I am very much worried about this habit. Although he watches cartoon and children programmes what i want to convince him is it harms his eyes. He even not feel worry to complete his school work if he starts watching T.V.

He loves his younger sis a lot and like to take care too. But sometimes he feels jealous. If i buy anything for lil gal. He also ask for the same thing.

He still wet his bed at night. I am afraid whether this habit will last forever. He used to take care of his belongings at his early age. but now he doesn't and messes up his things, clothes around his room.

So how would you suggest me to deal with my boy at this situation? Please help me out.

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