Bullies: A Book That Teaches Your Children How to Cope with Bullying & Teasing

Teaching Kids How to Cope with Bullies

Childrens Book Review: "Time to Tell 'Em Off:
A Pocket Guide to Overcoming Peer Ridicule"
by Deanna Miller

Reviewed by Laura PickfordRamirez

"Time to Tell 'Em Off" offers effective strategies for coping with school bullies. In addition to revealing how she was taunted as a child, Deanna Miller is living proof that such a child can grow into an attractive and confident adult.

Because children will identify with Miller’s story, they’ll be more receptive to her advice on how to develop self-esteem, understand the psychology of bullies and let off steam after a verbal or physical attack. Ultimately, what Miller offers is a toolset that will help kids confront their attackers. This is prevention at its best.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been teased cruelly at some time in our lives. Most children and parents will identify with this book. Even those who throw their weight around will gain perspective into their behavior and compassion for the targets of their abuse.

"Time to Tell ‘Em Off" is available as an e-book and is a must-have addition to your family library. I wish that I’d read a book like this when I was growing up. It would have helped me understand how school bullies pick their targets and what I could have done to ward off their attacks.


While I can't change my past, I can teach my children how to cope with these situations. Although "Time To Tell ‘Em Off" was written with fifth graders through twelfth graders in mind, I think that younger children can benefit from reading some portions of the book. Don’t forget: cruelty starts early. Teach your child how to deal with it before the bullying starts.

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