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Bringing up Baby - 7 Baby Products that Make Life Better for Mother & Child

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Bringing Up Baby ...

As the mother of two children, I know how confusing it can be to pick the best baby products, especially if you only have so much in your budget. When I was a new mom, I found seven items that were essential to meā€”items I used every day that kept my baby safe, happy and made things easier for me. In this article, I'll share them with you. Since my children are older now, I made sure to poll my subscribers and web visitors to get their top recommendations for the must-have baby products today.

First, one caveat: I did not include a baby car seat in my list, since by law, you need this to take your baby home from the hospital.

Bringing Up Baby - 7 Essential Baby Products

  • A nursery monitor. One of the most difficult things for new parents is suppressing the desire to constantly check to see if their baby is okay. A monitor will awaken you when your baby wakes up, so you can respond quickly. It will also make you feel secure enough to sleep soundly, knowing you'll awaken as soon as you hear the noises from the monitor.
  • A glider for cuddling your baby, breastfeeding and putting him or her to sleep at night. I love my glider and even though my children are older now, we still sit in it to cuddle, talk and read books.
  • My children's baby swing was practically my savior. They loved to sit in their swing and watch me as I worked nearby, cooking dinner or folding laundry. Invariably, they would fall asleep and take a little nap, so I could get some rest.
  • A baby sling for carrying your child around, and having him or her close to you, while you do tasks hands-free.
  • Baby sleeping sack - if you're unfamiliar with this, it is something the baby wears to bed that is sewn at the bottom to enclose the lower body and keep the baby's legs warm at night. It is not tight, so the baby can move its legs within the sleep sack. Since babies shift position like we do, it is easy for their covers to come off or for them to get tangled up in them. Wearing a sleep sack to bed will prevent this problem.
  • A travel bed - if you're like my family and you're on the go, you'll want to take your new baby to visit friends and relatives, to go for picnics at the park and spend a few hours on the beach.

    Better than a playpen, it protects your child from the wind and sun, sort of like a tent and lets your family set up camp anywhere you go. I even used my travel bed at home, so the baby could be downstairs napping, while I was doing the housework that needed to be done.

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  • A good parenting book that explains the importance of the parent-child relationship, how you can connect with and engage your child and teaches you about child development.

This is my list of essentials for bringing up baby. These items will make your baby happier and more comfortable, while making your life a little easier.

Bringing up Baby - Attachment Parenting


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