Boyrfriends son and room mate want me gone

(Sarasota Florida USA)

I have been with my boyfriend for two years. He has a room mate and a 13 year old son. They both don't like me in their space and are very jealous and my boyfriend does nothing about it. He has his son every other weekend and one day during the week and at those times I get left out. It has been this way for the last year. Prior to that it was not the case.

His son talks to the room mate and the room mate tells him what to do to make me mad and get back at me for nothing I do but love and take care of his father. The son has told us that this is what the room mate does and my boyfriend has done nothing to confront him about it for a year now. We have had talks with his son and nothing has changed.

It is okay for a bit but has gone right back to where it was with the disrespect to me and my children. I have had to bite my tongue a lot and I am very respectful of their time together, but enough is enough. To shut me out all the time is not going to help bringing the families together.

I am not sure what to do here because I feel the actions don't follow the words of my boyfriend. My boyfriend hates confrontation but if he has to come back at me standing up for himself it is not a problem.

He does not stand up for me against his son and room mate. He treats us different when his son is around as far as becomes distant and like we are outcasts. There is so many more examples that I could give that would take me days.

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