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by cj

I've never dated a man with a kid until now and with all my other boyfriends, I always had all the attention - sometimes too much. With the man I'm with now whenever his son (6 yrs old) is here it's hard for me to share him and he has his son at least 60% of the time if not more and his son hardly listens to him and is loud and obnoxious all the time and I just get so frustrated I can't take it even though I love my boyfriend more than anything.

Also, I'm used to super romantic guys and he's absolutely not which I'm ok with, except it makes it even harder to enjoy my time when his son is here. I feel like I'm making an effort to get to know his son and I pay for half the roof over his head and I babysit him whenever my boyfriend has to leave, and I feel like I deserve some romance from him. It's a hard place to be especially when his mom is still in the picture. Help!

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Aug 27, 2009
Drama Queen Ex-wife
by: Slolope73

I am also in a serious relationship with a WONDERFUL man, who, I think is also a great dad. His 7 year old son is supposed to be under 50/50 shared custody, with very few specifics about times and days that he is to be with mom or dad.

Mom is a huge drama queen (I am the most "plain vanilla" girl around in that I hate turmoil, gossip, arguing, confrontation, etc) and lately I feel like I am in the middle of working on a terrific relationship with a super good guy, learning to be a player in his son's life (not only am I NOT a mom, but I am an only child to boot!), and then trying to navigate the (EEK!) waters of the drama and hostility with the ex-wife. Any advice???

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