Boot Camp for Teens

by Donna S
(Lansing MI)

I am thinking about sending my son to a boot camp for teens. Things have escalated to the point where I don't even want to come home after work. This kid is so angry that I never know when he's going to blow up at me or his father.

We have tried therapy and that didn't work because he would just go to his appointment and sit there and cross his arms and not say a single word to the therapist. We have taken away all of his privileges and that just made him even more stubborn and defiant.

It seems to me that a good boot camp for teens is our only option. I want him to know that I mean "business" and that he needs to start doing what he's supposed to do, like get decent grades in school, make an effort on his assignments and help out around the house.

Truth be told, boot camp was my husband's idea and as I write this, I realize how conflicted I am. I'm just afraid for my son's future, I can't seem to reach him and I don't want him to ruin his chances at having a good life. Can you suggest alternatives to boot camp that might work or in the very least, refer to a good one. I feel like we need to step in and help our son save his life. This really is an emergency. Please help.

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Dec 03, 2009
Alternative to Boot Camp
by: Laura Ramirez

I understand your concerns. Although you need to do something and do it fast, boot camp is very drastic. Although the teen boot camp experience does work for some kids, other just get even angrier because they feel like their parents don't want to deal with them and they feel abandoned.

A viable alternative to boot camp is a program called
The Total Transformation. It's a behavioral program that you can use at home to teach your son how to cope with his anger, how to make healthy choices, treat others with respect and do his job at home and at school.

Although working with him may seem impossible because you have tried so many things in the past, this program will teach you simple techniques that you can use right away. Best of all, it teaches your child life skills. As he makes the right choices and starts to feel good about himself, this behavior builds on itself so that your teen will want to continue making the right choices. It really is an effective program and is not expensive, especially when you consider the cost of teen boot camp.

Since you are conflicted and are looking for an alternative to boot camp, I think you should give it a try. This Total Transformation review will give you more information. Good luck.

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