Boot Camp for Teens

by Tammy T
(Pacific Northwest)

My husband and I are writing you to ask your recommendation for a boot camp for teens. We have read countless parenting books and tried every technique out there, but we can't get control of our unruly child.

This child is a 15 year old teenager who lies, steals, and cheats at school because he refuses to study. He is unmotivated, doesn't seem to care about anything and is even unphased when we take his privileges away, which is our sorry attempt to bring some discipline into his life.

I could on and on, but I'm sure you've heard the story before and I know we are not alone in our issues with our struggling teen. We love him dearly. We are good, caring parents. We are educated and have learned everything we can to try to help our son because we realize that as miserable as he makes the lives of those around him, he's equally as miserable himself.

We know that we need to do something before it is too late. We hate to resort to this ebecause we don't want to make our son somebody else's problem and because we truly want to help him on our own, but we feel defeated and unqualified, so can you please recommend a boot camp for teens or some other alternative.

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Jan 09, 2009
Boot Camp for Teens
by: Laura Ramirez

Hi Tammy,

Although I could give you a recommendation for a boot camp for teens, in your words, I sensed a willingness to try one more thing before you resort to something so drastic.

You and your husband are good parents because you are willing to fight for your son even when he's not willing to fight for himself.

There are effective alternatives to teen boot camp. Although you may have tried behavioral modification techniques in the past, if you haven't tried this particular behavioral program, I highly recommend you do.

The reason why? It works. It's different from the other programs out there and most important, it has a track record of success. Over 150,000 parents have used it successfully and some of those parents are my subscribers and clients.

The program was developed by a therapist who has transformed the lives of countless teenagers with his behavioral techniques. These are simple techniques that you can learn at home and apply immediately. The program is available on a trial basis.

I could tell you more, but it's better for you to click on boot camp alternative where you can read all about it.

Thanks for fighting for your son. Please write back after you've gone through the program and tell us how things are going. Good luck.

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