Blaming Mother

Why is the mother to blame about something the father did. What if the mother didn't even know that was going on and knew nothing about such a thing as incest that existed. What if she saw no signs that would make her wonder or suspicious. If the father and daughter were very secretive, and the daughter never came to the mother and let her know what was going on, why is the mother to blame for this. It seems to me that she is being blamed for something that she was unaware of. If the father and daughter together became a team and set up a break in in their home to defraud the insurance co., and carefully removed the mothers jewellery for the daughter to own, is this the mothers fault, especially when the mother was at work when this all happened. Also when there's a lot of secrecy between the father and the daughter, and Daddy dearest is sending her a lot of money, but they both deny this when the mother knows this is true, are we to blame the mother for this also and say that the mother is imagining all this? When the daughter reaches the age of 21, and starts to kick her mother out of her own home, and says that the house and furniture, the jewelery that her mother owned and the car that her mother bought herself from working was all going to be the daughters, and that the daughter and the father were going to live in the home that the mother built with the father, because that's what her Dad told her, and she was going to be his wife. Is the mother to just leave with the clothes on her back, and leave everything behind for the two of them. Is it the mothers fault also if she asks the 21 year old daughter to leave instead. Should the mother become homeless after years of working and building up the home in order to be a good mother and leave it all behind for the daughter---if she was unaware that her daughter was a child of incest. It seems that nobody is blaming the father for his sexual act to his own child, but is blaming the mother, especially when she had to work because the father had problems holding down a job, and also had a drinking problem.

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