blame the abuser, trust me they don't need any help in seeking others to take responsibility for their crimes

Hello. My daughters were sexually abused by their father. Sorry, I am not a dead beat mom and I never knew he was sexually abusing my daughters. That is how sexual abuse occurs as a `secret`. No one is meant to find out or know. My daughters did not even know the other one was being sexually abused too. I had a real close relationship with my daughters at the time and they still never told me about it. At one time I did get a funny feeling and asked my oldest daughter specifically but she never admitted anything plus she made me feel like I was going crazy to ask her.

Finding out your husband is a pedophile is one thing and finding out he is molesting your own children is nothing but total shock and trust me complete denial of reality.

I am not to blame for my husbands crime anymore than the bank customers at a robbery. I took my children to report it, but it is completely devastating, when the father in my case, denies everything and blames me brainwashing them. The trauma to my children to see my husbands face as they testified against him in criminal cases, two complete times, and getting cross examined for days on stand is something no one can say is right to the children plus my other children thought they were completely making it up because they believed their father. It destroyed many, many lives. The only one you should be blaming is the father who committed the crimes against his children, his wife, his family and betraying himself.

thank you

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