Birthday Game Kid Party: Your Child's Fabulous Birthday Bash

There are dozens of birthday game kid party ideas that will make for a memorable event. Creating buzz with an exciting party invitation that excites the imagination is a fun way to getting kids talking about the birthday party before it starts. Before giving you some ideas, let's examine some common mistakes that parents make when throwing a birthday party.

Let's pretend that your child is turning ten and you invite ten kids to his birthday game kid party. Each child brings a gift which means that your child receives ten gifts from his friends. That's a lot of gifts. When you add the gifts from relatives from both sides of the family, the result is overwhelming. In addition to creating more piles of unused stuff, you have to ask yourself what this teaches your child.

A birthday game kid party can create a sense of community, rather than focusing on a bunch of gifts.

This year, do something different. Focus on the event. A birthday game kid party can create a sense of community that is not spoiled by an overload of gifts. I suggest that you send a kid birthday party invitation with the following request: "Please do not send your child with a birthday gift. Your child's presence is my child's gift. We will not be providing party favors, but will create a party atmosphere that focuses on bonding and having fun. This helps kids to see that friendship is the most precious gift of all."

birthday game kid party

Select a birthday game kid party idea that will speak to your child's skill level and interests. We recommend a preplanned party package that has it all: printable kid party invitations, instructions on how to make the items needed, a party shopping list, a detailed description of party games and printable certificates for each child to take home after the party is over.

Our favorite kid birthday party theme packages contain everything you'll need to throw a fun birthday game child party with a popular theme that kids will talk about for months. I have used this packages myself for birthdays throughout the years for my two kids which is why I give them my top recommendation:

For kids six to eight there's the Survivor Birthday Party Games Package In this birthday game child party, kids are divided into two teams that compete against each other. I've thrown this party at my house and not only did the kids have a blast, my husband and I laughed so hard, we were reduced to tears.

For kids eight to eleven who adore Harry Potter, there is the Harry Potter Birthday Party Games Package

For kids eleven to thirteen who like role-playing there is the Medieval Party Game

For kids eight to ten, there is the Search and Riddle Detective Party Game

and one girls will really like (my cousin through this party for her daughter) - the Theatre Party Game

When you make your child's birthday bash about bonding through fun, games and role-playing, kids learn that above all a birthday game kid party is about having a blast with a community of friends. Bonding with friends and family through a fun activity is a great way to learn this important lesson.

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