Being a Step Mother

Being a Step Mother

I am living with my fiance and he works full time and his daughter's mother has walked away completely, so I am here raising my soon-to-be step daughter full time. she has some behavior problems and I am trying to raise her like I raise my own boys and am having a hard time getting my fiance on board.

He lets her do whatever she wants out of guilty feelings and I'm starting to feel like I have to be the bad guy all the time and I'm lost on what to do now.

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Oct 05, 2010
same boat with step son
by: Anonymous

hello, i have the same problem, well i have a step son who is nearly 8 and i also have a daughter with my partner who is 16 months old.

my step son always does things that will get him into trouble which in fact will get me into trouble. like the other day he was getting angry coz the sega was skipping so i turned it off and he threw a temper tantrum and screamed at me that he hates me and wants me to go and wishes i never met his dad and my daughter isn't his sister!

i grabbed him and took him to his room. anyway he told my partner's family that i smacked him and i always hurt him (among other things).

my partner believes everything he says and not me, he has said im not to touch him again and i have to be nice to him (in other words let him do what he wants). this is my last chance.

sorry i cant help you, im looking for answers myself, but maybe u can try calling all the family together and talk about it. it didnt work for me but maybe it will for you. good luck X

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