Behavior problems with my 5 year old

by Troubled Mother
(New York)

In the last 6 months my 5 year old son has been acting out and it has only gotten worse. In 2008 I went away to a correctional facility for 13 months. I kept in contact with him and made sure that he knew that I loved him very much.

While I was gone he stayed with my parents and they gave him anything that he wanted (which is not how I raise my children). When I came home everything was a little rocky but seemed to go well. Through the months he has gotten progressively worse by telling me what he is going to do and throw temper tantrums. They have only gotten worse.

Just the other night he lashed out at me and my friend. It took her and I to put his shoes and coat on. He ended up punching her and kicking me. All of this fit over something very small. It has seemed like he has closed himself off and won't tell anyone what he is feeling or what is bothering him. The only thing he shows is anger. I have tried many different options, talking to him, punishing him, yelling, and even medication from a doctor. Nothing is working.

Oh did I tell you that he has never met his father or even known about his father. Someone please help! I am a single mother and am not sure if counseling is the option.

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Apr 23, 2012
RE: Behavior problems with my 5 year old
by: andreia

I'm sorry that you are going through this. It must be difficult to see your son behaving badly and disrespecting you. I guess, dealing with disrespect is more on showing them the right behavior that you would want their behavior to be. Teaching them respect, being an example and talking to them about it will be a starting point for you to work on that could change his behavior for the better.

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