Bad Place for Hide and Seek

by L.

A family I rented from were quite prone to permissive parenting with their two girls, age 7 and 12.

One of the activities the parents would engage in was to take the girls and a couple friends to various big box stores such as Kohls or Big Lots. They never went to shop, but to allow the girls to have a massive game of hide and seek through the department store. This involved the kids racing about aisles, hiding behind and inside of various displays and otherwise making a huge ruckus. This is all with the approval and participation of the parents.

By the time they come home, usually due to the fact that management was starting to come along to kick them out, they would all complain about being thrown out of the store in the middle of their fun. At least once they toppled a rack of clothes to attract this attention and they see nothing wrong with this activity.

Keep in mind that most people get quite peeved when a kid runs amok in the store. The store is not a playground and in addition to the negative attention from every shopper forced to endure this play, there is a real chance of someone being hurt. There are plenty of places where children should be allowed to roam such as playground and parks, beaches, gymnasiums etc.

It's a classic case of a parent being too friendly with their children and neglecting proper conduct and safety in public.

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