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... at one time or another, all of us have done or said something to our kids that has hurt them and made us feel bad. Although I'm not making excuses for poor or inhumane behavior, I also know that staying mired in guilt does nothing for you or for your child. In fact, unexamined guilt will ruin your relationship. Since most of the parents who visit my web site are on the path of growth, on this page, I offer you a way to share what you have done—kind of like a confessional—so you can let it go, forgive yourself, move on and do the personal growth work necessary to become a better parent. (Hint, hint: a good way to learn how to be a better parent is by taking my online parenting class).

So be brave and share your bad parenting story by filling out the form below. Simply give your story a title and write away. Tell us what happened, how you reacted and what you said or did that you feel bad about. Tell us what you should have done and what you've learned from this experience that you want to share with other parents. You can even upload a photo that symbolizes some aspect of the situation. You can choose to be anonymous, give your first name or even your full name. If you want us to notify you when your submission has been accepted, you will need to supply your email address (but don't worry ... it won't be published.)

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You can also submit bad parenting stories based on parent-child interactions you have witnessed at the homes of your friends, relatives or out in the world. The point of these pages is to help us own our inattention, impatience and small cruelties, so we can learn from them.

Since other parents can read and comment on your story, I request that comments show humanity and support in such a way that we help the confessing parent, rather than judge them and make them feel worse. We want to encourage parents to learn from their mistakes so they can create better relationships with their children.

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Bad Parenting: Share Your Bad Parenting Stories & Relieve Your Guilt

Share bad parenting stories in which you were a participant or events you witnessed at the homes of friends and family or out in the world. The point is to share your experience, learn from it (and help other parents learn as well) and let it go, so you will be free to create a better relationship with your child.

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Bad Parenting Stories Submtted by Other Parents

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