Bad Behaviour of Son


I am the mother of Wesley Sam, 9 yrs and 9 month old Son.

Really very much upset with his behaviour which he doing daily and irritate me so badly that some time I lose my patience and punish me badly, feeling so bad after that.W e are totally upset with his behaviour.

In my home Me, my Husband, Wesley and 3 yrs old younger daughter. I know he is very sensitive also. After he did mistake he will tell I don't know why I am doing. Totally confused stage, one thing situation are not so good. Always a tense climate in home. I want to change it but... how no idea.

In school also all types of complaints are coming from last 3 yrs. their also teacher tied. Don't know what to do.

If you can help us out. it should be so great for him as well as for us.

Hope I will receive some positive response which change our life.

Thanks and Regards,

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