Baby Sitter - Choosing the Best Baby Sitter for Your Child

Finding a good baby sitter isn't easy, but once you've followed my precautions, you'll be rewarded with peace of mind. There's nothing like leaving your child in the care of someone you can trust. This frees you to relax and have a great time. It also allows you to rejuvenate yourself. Below are some important tips for selecting a caregiver for your child.

Tips for Finding the Best Baby Sitter

  • The one thing I always look for in choosing a potential caregiver is someone whose love for children is obvious. Before leaving my child alone with anyone, I invite them over to meet my child and pay them for their time. Usually, I tell them that I need someone to watch my child while I get some work done.

    This allows you to observe what goes on as you do simple chores that don't require too much concentration. Make sure to do your work close by so you can watch how the baby sitter and your child interact. Pay attention to how the caregiver treats your child and also to how your child responds. Note whether your child is uncomfortable at first, but warms up over time. Other important things to watch for: how attentive is the baby sitter, does she actually listen to your child, does she engage your child in fun activities, is she able to re-direct his attention, so he's paying attention to her, rather than worrying about you. Does she seem to know how to put your child at ease. If your child cries, does she know how to soothe him? Noting these things will tell you whether the caregiver is interested in children or primarily interested in earning money.

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  • Although you'll provide a checklist that tells the sitter what to do in certain situations, note whether she has questions for you. Asking questions indicates an interest in the welfare of your child which goes back to the previous items on our list.

  • Does your caregiver come with references? A good caregiver will understand that caring parents need to check out potential caregivers and will offer references before you ask. This is a sign of someone who really knows her business. Even though you may be impressed by someone who offers references, be sure to check them out and call every person on the list.

  • Find out if your sitter has completed a baby sitting course and whether she's certified in First Aid and CPR. Again this indicates that she takes babysitting seriously and is not only well-trained, but prepared to act in the event of an emergency. Knowing this will add to your peace of mind.

  • At the close of the session, the caregiver should offer a summary of what she did with your child, how your child behaved, any problems that occurred, etc. Again, this feedback shows her care and concern for your child and her understanding that you'll want to know how things went.

  • After the baby sitter has left, ask your child how she felt about her. Don't grill your child, just casually ask some questions. Note her body language while she's answering them. Finally, ask your child if she would like to have the caregiver come again. If your child liked and felt comfortable with her, his answer is likely to be a resounding yes.

Find a great baby sitter in your area. Every caregiver is rated, comes with references and has passed an extensive background check. Get the peace of mind from knowing your child is in safe hands.

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