Baby Name - Coltan Santana

by Laura
(Reno, NV)

Coltan Santana, my little climber, hanging from a tree

Coltan Santana, my little climber, hanging from a tree

What do the names mean?

The baby name we chose for our youngest son is Coltan Santana. Coltan comes from two Mayan Indian names meaning "to be free now."

His middle name is in honor of the musical genius, Carlos Santana.

What was your inspiration?

My husband and I believe that development of consciousness is about "awakening from the dream" of indoctrination and false beliefs and believe that the quest "to be free" will be an excellent calling for our child as he transitions from childhood through adolescence into adulthood.

As for the middle name, my husband and I love the music by Santana and went to see him in concert several times when I was pregnant. We love how he makes the guitar sing and plays it as though it is an extension of his body and hope our child will find that sort of genius within himself in a similar way as Carlos Santana.

Tell us about your child.

As a baby, no one would do for Colt, except his mommmy. We were joined at the hip and it was a lot of fun. As a toddler, he was into everything and loved to climb anything he could. Colt has a wild imagination, is quite creative and finds alternative uses for almost everything we have around the house. He's bright, playful and caring. Now that he's older, he loves to cook and says he might like to be a chef someday, that is, after he's done having a professional baseball career.

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Mar 16, 2008
Name meaning origin
by: Logan

Dear Laura,

I recently named my newborn boy Coltan. I was as yet unaware of its meaning until finding this site using google.

I am very interested in where you found the mayan name meaning and its significance. I am pleased that it apparently means "to be free". I am very involved in all philosophies and teachings of self governance including politics of constitutional learning and freedom of life.

I appreciate your response.


Feb 13, 2008
Meaningful Baby Name Directory
by: Jessica

I love the idea of a meaningful baby name directory. What a great idea and what a great way to preserve the story of how you chose your child's name and pay tribute to your child. I also like the idea that you only include your child's first and middle name.

Your story about Colt is exceptional! Thanks for sharing it and thanks, Laura, for creating this section on your site. You are a deeply spiritual, intelligent and caring person and I love your site.

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